Assignment 5: Project Scope Statement and Work Breakdown Structure#

Assignment Introduction#

For this assignment you will identify all the work to be accomplished to create the product(s) for your project. You will then document the steps and criteria that you identify in a project scope statement and a work breakdown structure (WBS). Your business case and any other documents you have created along with additional analysis of the project requirements will serve as inputs to guide your work.

Assignment Details#

We have broken this assignment into two parts: the scope statement and the work breakdown structure. However, you are not required to complete these in order. Depending on your project, you might find it useful to work on them simultaneously, as the WBS often feeds project scoping.

To get started, create a new document in your group’s stage directory and name it TEAMNAME-assignment-5-scope-wbs. Ensure that your course instructors have edit permissions.

Part 1: Scope Statement#

For part 1, you will write a project scope statement. If you are uncertain about how to begin or what to include, review chapter 5 of Schwalbe. There is also a good example in Table 3-9 in chapter 3 of Schwalbe that should serve as a useful guide.

Your project scope statement must include the following items

Project Title and Date of preparation


Project Summary and Justification

Product Characteristics and Requiements

Summary of Deliverables

Project Success Criteria

Scope statements vary from project to project, so there is no definitive approach or clear point of completion to compare. The goal is simply to be as thorough as possible.

Part 2: Work Breakdown Structure#

For part 2, you will develop a work breakdown structure for your project. Once you have identified the requirements (or at least an initial set of them) that make up the project scope, you will have a base for beginning a work breakdown structure. The WBS is a detailed list of all the work that will be carried out over the life cycle of the project. It serves as a guide for deciding how to perform, schedule, and measure the work. You can find WBS examples in chapter 3, Table 3-4 and in chapter 5, Figure 5-4 and Table 5-4.

You must complete your WBS in both chart and tabular form to level 3. Include both forms in a new section of the document you created for this assignment. The WBS should include a dictionary! Review the Week 4 Tuesday lecture and chapter 5 of Schwalbe for details.


Once you have completed both parts 1 and 2, submit a link to your Google doc to the Assignment 5 page on Canvas.

Ensure that all course staff have been added as members of your group directory and have edit permissions on your documents.


This assignment is worth 6 pts or 6 percent of your total grade. You must complete all requirements for this assignment accurately and on time to receive credit. No partial credit will given. Credit will be assigned to you as a group but removed on an individual basis for team members are found to have not contributed to the assignment.