Week 1 Notes


Keep an eye weekly pages as they might be updated throughout the week.

Welcome to week 1! Since we are just getting started your notes content is pretty light right now. But remember, I will be updating the weekly notes page as the week progresses. Check back at least once or twice each week (Monday’s and Wednesday’s are probably the best time).

Our first class on 9/22 (technically week 0) was more or less an overview and introduction. However we did discuss a few things that you might find helpful. So if you missed the first class, please watch the recording (or at least skim the slides!).


  • Group assignments will be announced on Monday 9/26 by the end of day.

  • It doesn’t look like I can run a shared Google Workspace the way I had planned (please ignore the invite I sent to all of you on the roster). So, we will change things a bit. Rather than everyone in one place, you will each be responsible for creating your own workspace and inviting the course staff to edit.


  • Complete survey on canvas!

  • Start reading

  • Start thinking about project ideas to share with your group

Week 0 Thursday


For most lectures I will not embed here or make them available to the public. I am going to do this for the first few classes until everyone waiting for access to the course is resolved.

Lecture Information




The scans that I have access to for the first few chapters of Schwalbe are not great. I hear there are some better options out there if you can find them. But do try to get the book by no later than week 2 (when my pdf’s run out).


Schwalbe Chapter 1

Lecture Recording




Lecture Recording